Benefits of Coconut Water Weight Loss

Split coconut

Why is coconut so useful? Its properties are unique in many respects and are particularly valuable.

Coconut is a very fat nut. But unlike most plants its basis is saturated fatty acids (as in meat and butter), which for years has led physicians to an erroneous conclusion about low benefits of coconut. Doctors feared for the condition of blood vessels after regular use of products made from coconuts. However, in reality everything turned out to be quite the contrary – coconut does not clog our vessels with cholesterol, but on the contrary struggles with it.

Coconut perfectly suits athletes-vegetarians who are looking for a replacement of the products of animal origin.

Coconut content

Calcium. Coconut contains it, like the rest of the nuts, but our nut helps the body absorb calcium from other foods. In many countries, dentists prescribe adding coconuts in a diet for strengthening teeth and bones.

Also coconuts contain potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin E. What is particularly valuable is that, coconut has a very high quality fiber.

Benefits of Coconut Water for Sportsmen

This tropical water is rich in electrolytes, which are especially required a person during sports. If you ever participated in team sports, a tournament or doing fitness quite intensively, you may have felt that plain water at a certain moment does not meet fully the needs of your body. Then using a special sports drinks , which compensate for the deficit of electrolytes and glucose, which emerged in the period of exercise.

As for coconut water, it is considered to be the natural reservoir for zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sodium. It contains 50% more potassium than a banana, which is regarded as a fully-fledged source of this element. Potassium is necessary for the body to normal functioning of cells, tissues and organs, especially the heart and muscles, as skeletal, and smooth.

Potassium prevents muscle cramps during exercise, so many people eat bananas during exercise. The sugar content in a coconut water is significantly less than in the sports drinks.Now sportsmen and dancers prefer to drink it instead of sports drinks as a replacement of fluids and electrolytes. It is interesting, that this drink is growing in popularity among people who are not engaged in professional sports or dancing.

Benefits of coconut water weight loss

It is interesting that during the 2-nd World War, she even used for intravenous administration to prevent the deficit of liquid, macro – and microelements.

It is a natural tonic and energy beverage containing potassium, and sodium chloride, which solves the problem of health, such as diarrhoea. This is a natural isotonic drink, so it increases metabolism and helps to lose weight.Why is this water so perfect for cleaning the body, for its unloading and for getting rid of the parasites?

If you are not a beginner raw eaters, but at least with some experience, the coconut water you will not have the intoxication, because it is a natural enema, which works with the top and washes the intestine.

Plain enema flushes only the large intestine, even when the pour 2 liters of water. I.e. all the toxins, which will be recorded in the intestine as the purification of the body, will be continuously displayed outside each day and gradually throughout the day.

The natural coconut ‘enema’ does not violate the microflora of the intestines, which a real enema does.control diabetes and normalizes the function of the thyroid gland.

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