Add a Dash of Flavor with the Coconut Milk Sauce

Coconut milk sauce
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Coconut never fails to surprise me and every time I think that my knowledge about coconut is complete, I discover something new. Right from the shell to the meat, every part of this wonder fruit is useful. The water can be frozen, canned, and used for a variety of culinary purposes.

The milk extracts from the meat can be used for whipping up great smoothies and cook delectable dishes. The shells are used for numerous artworks and even used as fuel in many countries. Thus, we get to see that coconut, as a fruit is the most useful for human beings.

Now, coming to the nutritional values of coconut and its products, we can safely say that is rich in fat, anti-oxidants and minerals. Coconut milk is used for preparing various dishes and it provides the rich creamy taste to the foods.

How to Make Coconut Milk Shampoo

Packed coconut half
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Nothing brings more feeling than a delicious smell of coconuts. But this tropical fruit will not only please us with a nice smell, it possesses numerous benefits that we can use for good. Today we have a recipe that will make your locks gorgeous. No expensive means – just homemade coconut milk shampoo.

Benefits for your locks

You are sure to know that the daily consumption of coconut milk strengthens the immune system and the recovery of the whole organism. Thus if it good for internal use, it will have the same beneficial effect for our body externally.

This tropical milk boasts of its cosmetic properties. On its basis facial masks, creams, shampoos and balsams for hair are made. This white liquid can be used in cosmetics in its natural form. For example, you can make a wonderful shampoo on your own.

Coconut Milk Chicken Curry Recipe

Chicken curry
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The coconut is the largest nut, which can weigh up to two kilograms. An immature nut contains transparent sour-sweet liquid rich in vitamins. It quenches thirst well. As coconut fruit ripens this liquid becomes fatter, thicker and turns into a white pulp. The pulp is chopped and mixed with water to get coconut milk.

There are two stages coconut milk: thick and thin. Thick liquid is prepared by just squeezing grated coconut pulp through cheesecloth. Pressed coconut flesh then wet in warm water and pressed the second or third time for obtaining liquid coconut milk.

Thick milk is mainly used when making desserts and fatty dry sauces. Liquid milk is used in soups and when preparing meals. Eastern countries usually make no distinction between them, because fresh coconut milk, as a rule, is not common, and most buyers purchase coconut milk cans.

Coconut Oil and Hair Growth Tips

Making coconut oil
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Can we call coconut oil a perfect hair growth stimulator? In this article we’ll try to briefly describe how to use coconut oil hair growth secrets.

One of the earliest means of hair care and hair growth directly was coconut oil for its medicinal properties and the ability to prevent hair loss. In fact, this liquid independently has many advantages for healthy hair, but its properties only increase when it is used with other hair care products.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil, which we use for the skin, is obtained from the dried pulp. During the production the pulp is separated from a solid nut shell, dried, crushed to squeeze oil.

Coconut Milk Cholesterol Lowering Diet

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Coconut is the largest nut which can weigh up to two kilograms. An immature nut contains transparent sour-sweet liquid, rich in vitamins. It quenches thirst. As coconuts mature, the liquid becomes fatter.

It turns into coconut milk, which is an emulsion of white color. Then milk becomes thicker and turns into white pulp. Fully ripe coconuts are practically without liquid. The inner layer of the fruit becomes dense and very tasty.

In cookery people often use coconut milk. You can prepare different dishes, drinks and desserts. Especially tasty one is blending coconut milk and banana.